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Joyful Literacy Institute - BY INVITATION ONLY

This three-day Joyful Literacy Institute focuses on joyful and evidence-based language and literacy learning for children in PK-1st grade. Participants will engage with colleagues to learn a week-long interactive read aloud routine using culturally affirming storybooks designed to support children’s development of oral language, listening/reading comprehension, writing, creative expression, and social-emotional skills. Participants will also learn how to teach and assess foundational literacy skills in joyful and inclusive ways. 

Institute content includes California’s new Preschool and Transitional Kindergarten Learning Foundations (PTKLF) and P-3 Learning Progressions, K-3 Literacy and English Language Development Standards, and English Language Arts/English Language Development Framework. Meaningful family engagement with home-school activity guides in English and Spanish is promoted. Participants will be provided with children's trade books, lesson plans, and many resources to cultivate joy, creativity, and literacy development with young children.

Featuring Minh Lê, author of Drawn Together.

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn how to --

  1. support a wide range of development and learning needs through joyful, evidenced-based literacy practices using culturally and linguistically affirming storybooks
  2. plan and implement joyful, evidenced-based literacy practices anchored in repeated interactive read aloud routines, vocabulary instruction, and creative writing
  3. assess children’s foundational literacy skills and use assessment data to provide instruction that responds to children’s strengths and needs
  4. strengthen family-school/program literacy partnerships through shared understanding of Joyful Literacy techniques

Participants who complete the 3-day professional learning will receive a $600.00 stipend for full participation (three day attendance), children's books, and teaching materials.

Stipend information and W-9 upload

All participants are required to complete this form:

Whether or not you are requesting a stipend, participants must complete the form.

You may download a W-9 form at Please complete lines 1, 5, and 6, enter your social security number, sign and date the form.  Your address should be where you would like your stipend to be sent.

Teams of PreK to 1st grade teachers and administrators encouraged to attend.