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Foundational Literacy Skills for Multilingual-English Learners (TK-3rd)

An EPiCC Summer Series Offering - Limited Space! Register Soon!

How can we support the development of foundational literacy skills for our diverse multilingual-English learner students? 

It  is critical to adapt instructional practices to meet the unique needs and characteristics of multilingual-English learners (MLL-ELs). This event will specifically address strategies to intentionally support MLL-EL students with phonological/phonemic awareness and phonics skills while simultaneously fostering the development of both expressive and receptive language. Aligned to Principle 2 of the English Learner Roadmap, participants will learn to effectively identify and address the strengths and needs of MLL-EL students in support of foundational literacy development. Learn concrete strategies to assess the phonological/phonemic awareness needs for decoding and encoding, recognize opportunities for cross-linguistic transference and oral language development, and acquire instructional practices to intentionally strengthen the foundational literacy of multilingual learners. All attendees will receive a hard copy of the book Literacy Foundations for English Learners by Dr. Elsa Cárdenas-Hagan.

Note: This event is geared toward Tk-3rd grade educators; however, the concepts could be valuable to intermediate teachers and coaches seeking a deeper understanding of ELD foundational literacy instruction. A light breakfast and lunch will be offered.

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August 2, 2024

9:00 AM - 2:30 PM

In-Person Event at SCOE

(session repeats August 12)

Audience: TK-3rd Grade Teachers, Instructional Coaches, TOSAs, EL Leaders

Sponsored by the Educator Workforce Investment Grant through the California Department of Education and the California Collaborative for Excellence in Education.