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LCRSET Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycles

The Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle is at the heart of successful implementation of Literacy Plan action steps in order to achieve your overall literacy goals for your students. You will engage in four PDSA cycles throughout the year with your site literacy teams to address a problem of practice identified in your Literacy Plan. 

During these collaborative sessions, you will go through the key steps of the PDSA process - planning a change idea and how to measure its success, implementing the change and collecting data, analyzing the results, and deciding whether to adopt, adapt, or abandon the idea based on your findings.

In addition to the PDSA work, you will have opportunities to network and learn from your peers across sites. By sharing successes, challenges, and strategies, you can collectively problem-solve and discover new approaches to drive continuous improvement in support of your literacy objectives.

By actively engaging in this iterative PDSA process and collaborative networking, you and your site literacy teams will develop the skills to effectively implement change and make data-driven decisions to support student literacy growth.

This is designed for LCRS LEA/Site Literacy Team. Teams include but are not limited to Grant Lead, Site Administrators, Grade Level Leads, Coaches, Reading Specialists and Parents.

Session Dates

Thursday, October 24, 2024

Tuesday, December 17, 2024

Thursday, February 27, 2025

Thursday, May 1 2025